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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Apple - iOS 7 Reviews, Features, News And Release Date

Apple - iOS 7 Reviews, Features, News And Release Date

        Since iOS has launched, it hasn't changed much until iOS 6. With growing competition against android 4.2 which is providing many new features, it is time for iOS to bring some changes and that is how iOS 7 came. apple’s newly operating system has left Android, windows and blackberry behind by it all new UI and newly added features.

Apple iOS 7
Apple iOS 7

Lock Screen

        The lock screen looks good and quite transparent and more of an android. The new iOS 7 will have sliding to unlock from bottom to up rather than left to right in iOS 6.

Home Screen

     With new iOS 7, all the icons are redesigned with better appearance and home screen will now accommodate more apps placing them very close to each other and bars indicating signal strength are replaced by queue of dots.

Apple iOS 7 Messages
Apple iOS 7 Messages

Weather APP

        The redesigned weather app now looks better than previous one and it now runs on full screen rather than in a small window. It has an animated background which visually displays the weather conditions viz. sunny.

Control Center

        Previously in iOS 6  there was no short cut for settings accessed frequently like WiFi, Bluetooth  flight mode, etc. Every time users have to go to setting app to make any simple changes. This seemed to be quite bothering to users going to setting app every time. With new iOS 7, there is new feature of Control Center. Control Center contains all simple settings that users need to access. It has setting for WiFi  Bluetooth, brightness, calculator, media controls, calculator, airdrop (peer-to-peer sharing) and camera. Control Center can be open by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

Apple iOS 7 Control Center
Apple iOS 7 Control Center

Notification Center

        iOS 7 has all new notification center with new design and many new features added. The new notification center is divided into three tabs:- 1) Today- it will give you a quick overview of any events or reminders about today. 2) all- list you all the mix content which has been unchecked and list of events and reminder going to happen today. 3) missed- this tab shows if any call has been missed by you. The notification center can be accessed by swiping your finger down from top of the screen.


        With Airdrop feature, now it is very easy to share files or data among devices running iOS. Airdrop allows you to transfer files between only those devices who are connected to WiFi  That means WiFi is needed to transfer data via airdrop. This setting can be enabled from control center.


        There is also change in multitasking menu with new interface. Rather than showing only icon of the running apps, it also displays the thumbnail of the apps.

Other Changes

        There are many minor changes like in messaging- it has been made simpler having plain white heading and messages appear in colored bubble but still we will not be able to know about any unread messages; folders- where metallic background is replaced by transparent box; Safari browser- there is now only single box for searching and URLs; App store- apps will be now updated automatically rather than doing it manually; Photos- photos captured from camera can be now filtered in different ways like date and location.

Release Date

        iOS 7 gonna be a Big Hit For Apple,But Apple is not sure for it Release date,Just get announced that it'll come in this Fall or Autumn.and Beta Version is available for Developer Program Members for Trial Base uses.

Rating : 9/10


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