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Friday, 7 June 2013

Google Glass - Features And Review

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Google Glass - Features And Review

Google Glass: A New Definition Of Technology.

        Google has taken technology to great height. A latest product Google glass has astonished everybody by the way they have wrapped technology into a simple looking spectacles (glass). This glass has capabilities of doing almost anything and can work accordingly to human voices and it is also equipped with camera. This glass can take a picture, record a video, shows directions, helps us to send messages to our contacts, searches anything we want on Google, can translate our voice and it also shares whatever we see.

Google Glass
Google Glass

How It Works?

      Google glass is compatible with any smart phones. But It still requires some Basic Configuration like Android 4.0.3 + Version and If you Have this configuration than you can enable GPS and SMS messaging.

Google Glass - "Ok Glass"
Google Glass - "Ok Glass"

 “Ok glass”

         You can Use this glass by tapping on Google Glass’s Frame. OR the other way is “Ok glass”. Now What is “Ok Glass”? “Ok glass” are special words for Google Glasses.When you say “Ok glass”,It Will start “Siri Style” Voice Recognition.All we need to do is give commands and talk to glass. Suppose we want to capture any picture just say, “Ok glass, take a picture”, and it will take a picture without even using hands to capture our memories anytime anywhere. 

        To record a video, just say, “Ok glass, record a video” and it will start recording. This reduces the risk of carrying huge handy cams and phones while we are recording a video on roller coaster. 

Google Glasses
Google Glasses

        As it is made by Google, it is integrated with Google search. To search anything on Google just we have to say,”ok glass, Google <our search>”. Like if we want to search photos of flowers then we have to say, “Ok glass, Google photos of flowers”, it will show images of the flowers.

        Also this glass can translate our voice to the language we want. Suppose we want to translate hello from English to French, just we have to say “ok glass, Google say hello in French”. Also this glass has GPS installed that shows us direction of place when we ask to.

Technical Specification

  • Camera is with 5MP result and 720p video quality.
  • It has two Inbuilt Function like wifi and Bluetooth.
  • It has 12GB of Memory and 16GB of flash total synchronize with Google Cloud.
  • Battery life is around 22 to 24 hours in regular uses. 
  • CPU version is OMAP 4430 SoC, dual-core.
  • For Charging purpose, It has USB cable and Charger.

Special Features

        Google Uses Special Display for Google glass. It is as same as 23 – 25 inch HD Screen.This glass just not answers to us when we ask to but also answers without even questioning. Suppose while moving around airport, this glass scans the place by itself and shows the appropriate results like flight timings, delay, etc.

In Market World

        Having all such amazing features this glass is going to be the most stunning product invented so far. Google glass is expected to be released by the end of 2013 with price of $1500 or 70,000-80,000 INR.

Rating: 8.6/10


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