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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Google Project Loon- A New Way To Connect To The World.

Google Project Loon- A New Way To Connect To The World.

        These days world is dependent mostly on internet. Life without internet seems to be harder for a moment for those who live surrounded by internet all the time. But still two thirds of the whole world’s population does not have access to the internet. Keeping that in mind, Google came up with innovative idea to connect people to internet and to make the best out of it.

        Project Google Loon is basically cluster of balloons floating on the boundary of space that will help people to connect from different areas, and bring them back together.

Google Loon
Google Loon

Where it will travel?

        Project Google Loon’s balloons will travel in stratosphere which is about 20 km above the earth’s surface. The reason for keeping it into stratosphere is wind in this layer is usually calm and moves slowly with speed of 5 to 10 mph. To determine the direction of the balloons, it uses some computer algorithms to decide where the balloons should move. In this way moving along with the direction of wind, these balloons can be adjusted to cover huge network of people.

Balloons Floating In Stratosphere
Balloons Floating In Stratosphere

What It Is Made Up Of?

        Project Loon’s balloon is said to be made up of polyethylene plastic which is 15 meters wide and 12 meters tall when fully filled with air. It is cautiously designed to work even in challenging conditions like an air pressure that is 1% of sea level and low temperature such as -50 degree Celsius.

Google's Project Loon
Google's Project Loon

What makes these balloons run?

       All these balloons have solar panels installed that are capable of producing 100 Watts of power when exposed to full sun which charges its battery  enough to keep the balloons running  even at night. There is one small box below the balloon like in a hot air balloon but rather than having space for passengers, it contains electronic devices and boards to control the balloon, batteries to store power, GPS, sensors and antennas to communicate with internet antennas on the earth’s surface and with other balloons.

Control Box
Control Box.

How long it connects?

        Each balloon has capability of providing connectivity to about 40 km in diameter. Talking about the speed, it will provide high speed like 3G. Presently the balloon uses ISM bands - 2.4 and 5.8 GHz which are available to use for anybody on the earth.

Internet Antennas on Ground
Internet Antennas on Ground.

Google Project Loon : In Market World

        In June, Google launched its first balloon from New Zealand and then after around 30 balloons have been launched.This can be a Revolution in Internet World.


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