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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Apple iPhone 6: What? When? How?

Apple iPhone 6: What? When? How?

The iPhone 6 is the next big thing, and a lot is riding on it. The Apple iPhone has maintained a monopoly on the Smartphone market since the first iPhone came out. Competitors are finally catching up to the Apple iPhone and it is starting to look like they may finally be taking a big enough bite out of Apples customer base to cause Apple a few problems.

In 2012 the Samsung eclipsed the Apple iPhone for a short time, and there have been times when competing sales have been neck and neck. The iPhone 6 now needs to make as much noise as the Samsung Galaxy S4, or Apple may lose its position as the top Smartphone manufacturer.

What the iPhone 6 may feature

To compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is going to have a 12-megapixel camera. They are going to use an A7 processor, and it is going to have the iOS 7 installed. The size of the screen is still a matter of debate, but most agree that it is going to be bigger than four inches. The size and shape of the screen seems to be a big conversation piece at the moment, but many are sure that Retina 2 technology will be used.

It may have a fingerprint sensor

The iOS7 is still in its beta form but is said to have the BiometricKitUI code bundle. Many believe that this is going to play a part in making a fingerprint sensor an active part of the iPhone 6. Such a security device would make the iPhone 6 quite a desirable product, even if it were simply for the novelty value.

The rumors of the fingerprint technology for the iPhone 6 were fuelled by the patent for a fingerprint scanner being lodged and filed for the iPhone bezel. Apple also own AuthenTec, who would be quite able to add the technology onto a Smartphone without any problems.

We may be waiting a long time for the iPhone 6

Apple have only released information about the iPhone 5S and 5C, which has led many to believe that the iPhone 6 will not be seen until the year 2014. They may try to push out the iPhone 6 during the Christmas season, but if people even suspect that this will happen then they will not buy the two new iPhone 5 versions that are due out in September.

The iPhone Light may redeem Apple

The introduction hinted on how Apple may be losing its monopoly on the Smartphone market. The iPhone 6 may help them regain some ground, but some people believe that it is the iPhone Light that will redeem Apple. Many feel that Apple have lost out so much because their devices are twice as expensive as the next leading brand. The Apple Light is going to be half the price of the Apple iPhone 6, which may result in more Apple Light sales.

The iPhone 6 will have a larger screen

It is going to verge onto being a small tablet device, which is going to blur the line between tablet and Smartphone even more. The new bigger screen is currently the hottest rumor about the new iPhone 6. There is another rumor that the device is going to have an infinite screen. This is a screen that wraps all the way around the device so that you may view web pages from intimate angles.

A Retina 2 display is expected

The Retina 2 display is going to provide an edge-to-edge display, and the device is said to be stronger than ever in its design. The new iPhone 6 is rumored to be made from a carbon-aluminum mix that will make it stronger than carbon fiber. To make the retina display stronger they are going to coat it with graphine, which should make it a lot tougher.

The iPhone 6 may be made of colored aluminum

Not only would this act as a good excuse to produce iPhones in a wide variety of colors, the materials will also allow the manufacturer to make lighter and thinner cases. This may mean that plans for a case made of a carbon and aluminum mix may mean it has an aluminum finish, allowing for a number of different colors to be fashioned into the case.

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  1. Yeah, none of this is interesting or new. And stop using retina as a name for a technology, it is not. It is a marketing ploy you obviously are using to get hits and agreeance from the iPhone crowd. A higher resolution display is the correct way to write about it.

    1. David Wales,
      It's good that you're aware about that, but It's just expected information, It may available or it may not, So don't get excited about that,have a good day.


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