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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Samsung Curved OLED TV - Features, Release and Price.

Samsung Curved OLED TV - Features, Release and Price.

Samsung cured OLED TV is one of the trending products that kept its fans waiting for quite long time. Having curved oled, this TV falls into whole new different category along with its clarity, color and contrast.

This curved oled TV has screen size of 55 inches making it one of the large screen and slimmest TV having dimensions of 55.8 x 30.6 x 14.2 inches and weighing around 68.1 lb. It is Full HD 1080p 3D TV having resolution of 1920 x 1080 running on Quad core processor that allows you to browse through different apps and surf internet smoothly, everything in HD. Along with power cable slot, it is integrated with additional four HDMI, two USB 2.0, one Ethernet and one audio mini jack. 

It has many other features such as Built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your home router and access internet without connecting to any additional device, Wi-Fi Direct, built-in camera to do video call from Skype, voice command to control your TV with your voice and Bluetooth. It also supports dual view, content sharing and screen mirroring.


The word OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode which means here thousand of organic LED pixels work independently to produce richer and brighter display compared to current LEDs in the market. With new deeper and more authentic color palette, it creates crystal clear picture exploding with rich and vibrant colors that surely you would not have seen before.

Curved Design

The basic idea behind curved design is to produce the original rich color even when seen from diagonal direction as authentic as seen from the straight. This feature is totally absent in conventional TV where you have to sit in the front of TV to watch it or otherwise miss your show. To reduce messing with cables around TV, it has One Connect Box that unifies all the cable connection into single cable to give clean and royal look to your house even when TV is turned off.

Multi View

Samsung curved OLED is the first TV ever which supports multi view that means two people can watch two different shows simultaneously in Full HD along with stereo sound. Now you don’t have to fight with your brother or sister to watch your favorite show which they don’t like.

3D sound

While watching picture in 3D, now also experience 3D sound which gives you effects from behind, above or below.

Eco Sensor

Samsung’s Eco sensor technology senses the intensity of the light in your room and adjusts the brightness of your TV automatically for better power and energy management.

Blur Free Picture

Combination of Curved design and OLED produces picture that you will feel you are yourself present at the moment allowing you to watch sharp picture without any blur no matter if it is slow motion or fast motion video.

Smart TV

This TV is integrated with Samsung’s Smart TV feature that allows you to find movies, TV-shows, songs, videos and much more you like. Speak into your smart touch remote, use gestures to swipe and navigate to discover different movies and shows in less time. New interface gives you 5 panels: TV, Movies and TV shows, Social application and one for your photos, videos and music.

Smart Touch Remote Controller

Smart Touch Remote is compatible to control multiple devices connected to your TV such as Blu-Ray player, set up box or home theater system. It has touch pad like one in laptop to easily navigate from panel to another. The remote also works as a mic and operates your TV with your voice.


AllShare allows your TV to access and share content wirelessly from your compatible Samsung device like PC, camera, tablet or smartphone. And now with integration of cloud technology, access and share your content even if you are not at home.

Price and Release

Samsung’s first curved OLED TV is expected to release in September with price of $9,000 in USA and €8,000 in Europe. The booking has already started.

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