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Thursday, 8 August 2013

WordPress 3.6 - Something New,Something Better

WordPress 3.6 - Something New,Something Better

On 1st August,2013 WordPress has released its version 3.6, Now It is available in the market. It named after a great pianist "Oscar Peterson".The changes in updated version are minor but they do matter for you working with WordPress.

WordPress 3.6
WordPress 3.6

Here Are New Features Added To WordPress 3.6

The Standard New Theme : Twenty Thirteen

Every year since 2010, WordPress releases new standard themes. This time it came up with Twenty Thirteen. Twenty Thirteen has quite new design while previous three themes – Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve were simpler. Twenty Thirteen has been made by focusing much on blog and strong eye on its different Post Formats. Post Formats in WordPress 3.6 allows you to choose appropriate layout and templates for your particular type of content like Images, Videos and other Regular content. 

WordPress 3.6 - Twenty Thirteen
WordPress 3.6 - Twenty Thirteen

It provides unique design for every article so that your website visitors can easily distinguish between the content in each post. The Post Formats are now also available in the Post Editor so that as you alter your Post Formats you will see the alteration in styling along.

I advice you to get hands on with new theme and try the different Post Formats applying on your different articles and discover how they appear on your website.

Improved Menu

WordPress 3.6 - Improved Menu
WordPress 3.6 - Improved Menu

With WordPress 3.6, now you can create and customize your menu in different ways with ease and can have the full control over the flow of your website. New design switches isolated panels of optional menu items for an expandable folded menu. Also menu have been shifted to different place so you can easily distinguish between menus And Theme.

Autosave, Modal Login, Post Revisions and Post Locking

While writing long post, you may come across some situations like:

  • Your computer hangs up and you don’t get any other option except to restart your computer.
  • Your Internet connection get disconnect and you are unable to save the content.
  • You and your friend edit the post at the same time and there might be a possibility that you loss some of the content.
  • You cannot figure out the changes you made in the modified post.

Keeping the following points in context

WordPress 3.6 - Special Features
WordPress 3.6 - Special Features

WordPress 3.6 now offers an Autosave Option that auto save your work every 15 seconds so that you would not loose much of the content in any unexpected conditions.

With Modal Login feature, if your session times out while working with the WordPress 3.6, a modal window will pop up on the top the page you are currently working. You can sign back in and continue to work without losing your current position.

Post Revisions Feature gives you the detailed view of changes made from the time post is made. It allows you to go back to previous versions of the post to see exactly what was added, modified or deleted from the present version of the post by whom and when. You can also compare different revisions of the post to pick up the best. To use this feature, click on New Revisions in the Publish Panel while editing the post, a new window will open.

As WordPress provides a website to have multi authors, chances of editing a post by more than one author is possible anytime which may result into loss of data. To avoid this problem, WordPress 3.6 provides Post Locking Feature. Post Locking allows one author who is being currently editing the post to put the lock. Whenever another author will try to edit that post, it will alert him that the post is locked, who is presently editing the post and will give option to take over editing.

Native Audio And Video Support

Previously, you have to use third party plugins or website to add videos or audios to your post. Now when you upload any media file into media gallery, you can directly add your media files to your page using native video player.

WordPress 3.6 - Audio And Video
WordPress 3.6 - Audio And Video

There are many other new features added to WordPress 3.6. The best way to know about them is to use it and experience the difference.


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