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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Yahoo’s CEO Hires Her Favorite, ex-Google’s Exec to Run Flickr.

Yahoo’s CEO Hires Her Favorite, ex-Google’s Exec to Run Flickr.

Marissa Mayer who has worked at Google before becoming Yahoo’s CEO has announced that she wants to better the version of Flickr. For this purpose she decided to hire a former ex-Google Executive, Bernardo Hernandez to take lead over Flickr.

Bernardo linked up with Google in 2005 and after switching over various marketing positions, he became the Director of Product Management and Managing Director of Google’s website, Zagat, which was developed by Google in 2011. Bernardo was known to be the Marissa Mayer’s favorite when she worked at Google. Bernardo himself announced about leading Flickr on Twitter few days back. He said “I am very happy to say that as of tomorrow I will be leading Flickr efforts at Yahoo. Amazing beautiful challenge.”

Bernardo Hernandez message on Twitter
Bernardo Hernandez's message

Yahoo is planning to bring massive changes in Flickr like introducing better user interface, bettering performance, and offering all its users storage space up to 1 TB for free.

Marissa Mayer's reply to Bernardo Hernandez

Besides hiring Bernardo Hernandez, Mayer has also hired other top exec including Henrique de Castro as COO, Anne Espiritu as PR director and Patricia Moll Kriese as senior director for Yahoo.


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