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Friday, 13 September 2013

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera Specifications with Price in India

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera Specifications with Price in India


Canon EOS-M 18-55 is a superb and remarkable camera with cutting edge digital arrangements. However, having said that doesn’t mean that this M 18-55 mm camera is all about only the high end Digi-tricks. The camera is packed with high end and super smart creative additions too. The best one to talk about is“Creative Filters.” Further, the integration of image-processing controls allows you to take pictures or make the movie simultaneously previewing it on the screen. For those photographers, who had enough of struggling with the film cameras, the Canon EOS-M 18-55 comes as an advantage.

The amazing camera is not only for advanced level users, but also for those who have not yet tasted the seeds of digital photography. Canon EOS-M 18-55 brings together the advantage of advanced digital photography with innovation. All will depend upon your photography needs and the purpose you would like to solve.

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera
Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS-M 18-55 is Sophisticated, Yet Simple:

If you ever had any simple camera loaded with advanced features, truly, you’d have been taken by surprise. Canon EOS-M 18-55 is the one here to give you the opportunity to make the best in every sense. The very simplicity of this niche DSLR can be reflected by its cool and smart control layout, the dials and press buttons. All of them have been designed and created in the manner that simplicity begins to outburst from it. The camera’s back also seems quite compact and in shape. The very familiarity added in 4-way controller besides other valuable options ultimately makes Canon EOS-M 18-55 the best and handy DSLR to take on the glimpse. The presence of an enhanced capacitive touch screen on its back is a revolutionary and stylish addition all by itself. Probably, Canon wanted to provide a large interface for the photographer to take better control of photography.

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Features
Canon EOS-M 18-55 Features

With your Canon EOS-M 18-55, obviously, you will be having better control on the photography and of course there will be great and dynamic photographic tricks that can be applied. The DSLR has close resemblance to Sony's NEX series optics, especially if one takes a quick look through plain and cylindrical barrels. The zoom is also quite close to Sony E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. The pancake in fact bears the similarity to Panasonic's Lumix G 20mm F1.7 ASPH.

Canon EOS-M 18-55Features that Catch You by Stride:

Did you ever rethink what makes Canon EOS-M 18-55 the super smart DSLR? Of course, the only answer that would strike your mind is its features. Take for example the external microphone socket, which is designed to naturally set the sound recording levels according to the scene and environment. The 1080p30 terrific video recording system places better and professional video shooting. You will truly feel the advantage of a professional Videographer. Canon EOS-M 18-55 and its state of art features have made a remarkable change in the field of digital photography and Videography.

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Price In India
Canon EOS-M 18-55 Price In India

Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera Price in India:

The Price of Canon EOS-M 18-55 Mirrorless Camera with Flash in India is around 49,995* Rupees.


Canon EOS-M 18-55 is an amazing digital SLR that is provided with a remarkable interchangeable lens. It is this very facility that will allow a photographer to look into several dimensions and profiles of a subject. Further, with a standardized EOS hot-shoe arranged on the external flash, Canon EOS-M 18-55 adds more to the photography. If you didn’t experience any good piece of photography in the recent years, it was because you had never made the choice of Canon EOS-M 18-55. The umpteen digital features packed in the Canon EOS-M 18-55 will give a professional advantage and terrific results, as soon as you click. You have the better and some really great photo click options around to add value to your personality.

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