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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Polo Wrist Watches: A Brand Competing With Big Luxury Names

Polo Wrist Watches: A Brand Competing With Big Luxury Names


The amount of money charged by any brand for its item is usually justified in terms of the quality it provides and no one can question those high prices. India is more of an open market and there would hardly be any world class watch brand which would not be selling in India. India has one of the highest numbers of buyers and the competition for brands is equally tougher here.

Polo Wrist Watches
Polo Wrist Watches

Within such competition, Polo Watches have made their own name. One can hardly question its quality although, but what is more competitive is the pricing as compared to other luxury brands.

World Class Quality at Road Side Prices:

Polo wrist watches price in India are quite low as compared to other global brands. If you are planning to buy a branded watch for regular and long term use, you should visit any portal and would find numerous comparisons favoring polo watches. If you set the search criteria to minimum pricing, the maximum number of search would appear for Polo wrist watches and keeping in mind the look and feel of these timepieces, you are bound to go for Polo watches. It is not a fallacy that people planning to buy Polo wrist watches online worry not about paying the price of the watch but more about the shipment charges associated. It’s a little funny but it’s true.

Polo Wrist Watches - PIAGET
Polo Wrist Watches - PIAGET

When there have been so many good reviews about Polo wrist watches, why would you think of some other brand in low or middle segment watches. Imagine a situation where in you have just a small budget of Rs 1,200 for buying watch. You can check the polo club watches price in India. Now, what options do you have? You would start scratching your head as to what would you buy which is within the price range of your budget and is also a global brand with good quality. Even if you get a branded watch within this price, you would still not be satisfied as you would be compromising on either looks or quality or the brand. Here is where brands like Polo Watches come into picture. Maximum of their models are low priced and thus offer more ranges to their customers.

Its Quality can’t be question:

The kind of excellent price Polo offers makes us say that you buy a world class quality watch at road – side prices. This is the primary reason why Polo wrist watches are so popular and widely used in India. Until and unless you are looking for a very high technology luxury watch, you can’t ignore Polo wrist watches. They are clean, sleek, classy, and stylish and above all, they are something that you can sport anytime and every time.

Polo Wrist Watches - Fresh Techno World
Polo Wrist Watches - Fresh Techno World

Polo Targets Customers who are planning to buy for Regular use:
Unlike most of the luxury watches of different brands, Polo wrist watches are not limited to occasions or attire combinations. The color combinations and bands are such that it could be sported and matched with almost every clothing and get up.

Variety for Female Customers:

Some researches show that most of the brands over look their potential female customers. It is widely believed that Watch industry has always been a Macho society and all that watchmakers have done is to cater to the males. Rather, for many years till now, watches industry have not communicated well with female customers. Women are known to invest in more number of items than to worry about the quality and price of items. That makes them price conscious. Polo Wrist watches could be a best buy for female customers as the pricing is low and style quotient remains equally high as any other luxury brand in India.

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Lynne is a Fashion Writer and Columints. She has been written many reviews on fashion accessories.


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