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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dual Call – What it is?

Dual Call – What it is?

Dual Call is whole new concept which requires two SIM cards and two phones, one SIM card in each phone, which helps you to get connected to both the SIM cards while keeping only one phone along. To use Dual Call service first you need to connect both SIM cards to same account.

How to Set Up?

Once you have 2 SIM cards all you need to do is contact your network provider to activate dual calling on your phone. But limitation to this service is only contract customers can take advantage of this service.

How it Works?

As soon as dual calling is activated on your phone, whenever you will receive any call, the phone who has been assigned primary SIM card will ring first and if you miss call on your primary SIM somehow then automatically the call will be diverted on the phone who has been assigned secondary SIM. You can assign primary and secondary to either of them and can also change later if you wish. 


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