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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top 7 Navigation Systems

Top 7 Navigation Systems

With modern technology, you can get anywhere in the world without ever asking anyone for directions. This has been made possible by the GPS devices. They come in different sizes, use different interfaces but the one thing they have in common is that they rely on satellites to give accurate and comprehensive information on various positions, anywhere in the world. Considering you will be spoilt for choice when searching for good navigation systems, a look at the top 7 systems could make things easier for you.

GPS Navigation System
GPS Navigation System

1. Navman SmartGPS

With almost 20 years of experience, you can expect reliability with the NavmanSmart GPS. This device harnesses the power of your smartphone to give up-to-date and live information that is relevant to your location. The device can also work independent of your smartphone. The device will help you:
• Search for addresses
• Read reviews
• Locate businesses using your computer or smartphone and send the address to the SmartGPS, wirelessly.
• Know where to find petrol stations and the prices
• Give live traffic and weather information

Navman SmartGPS
Navman SmartGPS

2. MY600LMT

This navigation system has a huge 5 inch screen and comes with the best GPS features. The device will give directions based on what you see in the real world. It includes the names of buildings as well as colors. You will get personalized messages like, ��at the end of the road, turn left after the BMW dealership into the Smith Street’. You can expect to get information such as:
• Spoken safety alerts for red lights and speed limits
• Live traffic information
• School zones

3. Navman EZY255LMT

This device comes with a 5 inch widescreen and a Lifetime Maps Built In and will help with safety camera updates, give live traffic updates, hands-free features among others. This is a user-friendly navigation system to use in Australia.

Navman EZY255LMT
Navman EZY255LMT

4. Navman EZY270LMT

This is ideal if you want a bigger screen. The screen is 7 inches big. In addition to helping with the directions, this device will give you:
• Traffic updates
• Premium safety alerts
• Bluetooth hands-free

5. Move50

This is a good navigation system for people who love easy to view screens. The Move50 has a 5” screen. The device delivers the core navigation features such as Advanced Lane Guidance, Spoken street names, speed limit alerts, landmark guidance and more. You can use the Smart Find keyword to find any destination in Australia while at the same time avoid the busy routes.

GPS System
GPS System

6. Move30

This is a 4.3 inch navigation system designed to guarantee you never get stuck on the road. It is an affordable GPS system that doesn’t compromise on quality and features. The device will warn you of:
• Speed and red light cameras
• School zones
• Speed limits

7. MY Escape III

The device has a 7” screen and is ideal for people driving large vehicles. It comes with rapid map refresh as well as lifetime monthly map updates. The details are vivid. If you are taking or have passed the DSA driving test, you should consider installing any of the aforementioned devices in your vehicle. They will guide you home even on the darkest of nights.