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Sangit Macwan


Sangit Macwan
Sangit Macwan

Blogger by Profession and a student of Computer Engineering, I always want to create a website. So I have created it. Besides this, I love to do many things like Photography, Traveling, Cycling, Gardening, Cooking and More.

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait ,Good Things Come To Those Who Works And Never Give Up."

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Ammar Dohadwala

Ammar Dohadwala
Ammar Dohadwala

Being a student of Computer Engineering, I was always enthusiastic about the technology that how it works and why there is need of it to the world. I try to go deep down under any technical product unless I get the satisfactory answers. This led me to create a website which will benefit me by increasing my knowledge and certainly it will aware the visitors about what is going on around them.

“Be Anything But Never Be A Loser.”

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  1. guys you both are doing good work...It's really superb work and we are heartly appreciate your work......keep it up guys

    1. Thanks man, We really appreciate this,